Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tyson is Ten!

Where has the time gone? Tyson is ten years old. Reid and I took he, Cameron and Kaylee out for a day of fun for his birthday. We went to the Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch.Then to Boondocks to ride the go carts. Reid and Kaylee got right on, but Tyson and Cameron had to wait in line.Reid and Kaylee had a fun ride and got off long before the boys got to ride. They had a long wait in line Finally it was their turn...Tyson jumped right into the lead car.

with Cameron right behind.Off they went. Tyson was confident and Cameron a little more timid. This was his first time riding alone and he wasn't quite sure how to work the brakes and excellerator. But he caught on pretty fast. He really liked driving down the middle of the lane so that no one could pass him.

Next we went inside to do some games.Add Image

We all had a great time. This may be a new tradition. It was a lot of fun to take just the kids.

Our cute grandson is getting so big. Ten, I still can't believe it....

Kaylee's Dance Recital

Each year, Kaylee's dance teacher has a recital as a practice for the big recital in the spring at Christmas time in the studio. Lucy and I got to go with Aimee this year. Kaylee looked beautiful in her dance costume. Although this isn't Kaylee's favorite. (too itchy)The studio was decorated with balloons, tulle and Christmas lights. All the girls warmed up and then... They got to dress up like princesses and dance around the room. Their featured dance was to "I wanna hippopotumus for Christmas." It was very cute. After their dance, they each had a moment in the spotlight. Lucy loved it and couldn't wait to hug Kaylee. Kaylee and her dance friends.... And her cute teacher.
Kaylee loves to dance and is so good. I think she is still the smallest in her class, but she is great.

Cameron's Thanksgiving program

Better late than never. I have to play catch up on a few things that happened the last couple of months.

The end of November was Cameron's Thanksgiving Read In.His class read and acted out a Thanksgiving book. It was a little like 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but with a Thanksgiving theme. Cameron is a great reader and his group got to make the BIG Turkey that they had made for the dinner slip across the table. It was great.

New Bedroom

We moved back into our bedroom the day before Christmas eve and we got new bedroom furniture. It is beautiful and I love it. Thanks Reid. I love you.

Christmas morning 2011

Santa left lots of nice things for all of us this year. This is what greeted the kids as they came up the stairs on Christmas morning.Of course, they checked out the plate of cookies and chocolate milk that they left by the fireplace on Christmas eve. The cookies were eaten and the milk was all gone. Santa even left a picture of himself in front of our tree for the sceptics.
Lucy woke up happy as usual. Although she was a little surprised by all the new things that were around the house. (presents...)The other kids waited anxiously at the bottom of the stairs until everyone was ready for them to come up...They looked pleasantly surprised when they came up the stairs and saw the tree and all that Santa had left. First thing, they went to the fireplace to see if Santa had eaten the cookies. When they found the picturethey had to check it out first. Cameron was surprised that their elf on the shelf was even in the picture...but not on the tree that morning...hummmmmm!
Everyone got to open the things in their stockings and the unwrapped toys around them. Lucy liked her new cow. But seemed a little overwhelmed and still a little sleepy.Tyson and Cameron got some ferocious dinosaurs...Kaylee was happy that she got the Barbie she asked for.Lucy wasn't sure about the little people. But liked chewing on everything. One of our traditions is that you can open anything in your stocking. Tyson found his chocolate covered peanut butter tree and devoured it.I think all of the kids had lots of fun with the toys Santa sent.After breakfast and everyone got dressed we started opening gifts. Cameron and Kaylee found the pickle ornaments and so they got the pickle presents. Kaylee got an angry birds toss game and Cameron a Star Wars operation game.
Here are some of the favorite gifts...Both of the boys got these jackets. And wore them all week. I think they were a hit. I think there was a theme going for Reid. Lissa and Mike got him Star Trek glasses and Jennifer found a T-shirt and new ears for him.Trent made Aimee a great candle holder for their mantel. Trent even burned his "made by" stamp on it. One of my favorite gifts was a snowman that Tyson made for me for our new bathroom. So cute. I love it and can hardly wait until the bathroom is finished so I can put it in there. Lucy didn't know what to think. She will be more into it next year. The boys loved it when they opened their new game system. I am not so sure Aimee was happy about it however. I know she has been happy that their other system has been broken for awhile.Kaylee loved her Strawberry Shortcake remote control car. And Lucy loved her Ariel doll. It was a very nice Christmas. And the best part was having everyone together.