Thursday, April 21, 2011

First day home

New Pics

Lucy came to visit for the first time on Tuesday and Jen got out the camera. The many moods of Lucy...

"Lucy Kay"

Well, they finally named her. She came home from the hospital on Friday and they chose a name and told the nurse. The nurse told them that 12 babies had been named "Addison" that week and three in one day. They changed to Lucy instead. And we all love it. Lucy fits her. Lucy had been in the running since the beginning and Kaylee has always called Lissa's baby "Lucy." She is very sweet and beautiful...
The other kids finally got to see her on her first day home. They were excited. Especially Tyson, he had been so disappointed all week that they wouldn't let him in the hospital to see her.
Tyson came back home with Jen and was playing on the floor with Leggo's. I said to him, "So, how did you like Lucy!" He looked up at me and said, "I love her." He is such a sweetie.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Girl 4-14

The pictures really don't do her justice. She is so pretty and little. The pictures make her look so big, but she really is a tiny thing. They started trying a pacifier today.
Even got a couple with her eyes open today. So pretty...

She still have her legs up all the time and so high. It is because she was breech.
She is gorgeous...and still no name. They have narrowed it down to six possibles though.

Baby Girl in the Evening

We went back up to the hospital in the evening. Grandpa is pretty smitten. She (whatever her name is) was pretty sleepy...

Jenne got to see her for the first time last night too. She likes her lots.
Good job Melissa! She is wonderful.

Playground Time

Except for the spilled drink accidents the kids were soooooo good at the hospital that we decided to hang out at the park. We were the only ones there to begin with. It was lots of fun and we hit a little bit of nice weather. Today it is snowing again.

By the end lots of other friends were there to play too. At first Tyson didn't want to go to the park (he is just getting so big), but it must have been fun cause first thing this morning he asked if we could go to THAT park again. I reminded him it was snowing. "Oh, yeah!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Baby Girl is Finally Here

Baby Girl Hurst was born at 11:03 p.m. on April 12. She weighs 6 lbs. 15.5 oz and is 19 inches long. She has fine dark hair. And no, she does not have a name yet. Lissa had a hard time yesterday. They were scheduled for a c-section at 9:30 a.m. but when they called on Monday. They were told to call back Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. The hospital told them they were full and to call back at 8:00. Then at 10. Then they were told the doctor only cleared his schedule until noon so call back at 2:30 to see how things were and probably come in. Which they did. The surgeon was supposed to be there at 4:45, but had some pressing problems at the office and was 2 hours late. Then at about 7:30, they were finally ready to wheel her in, but there was an emergency with another mom with twins that were crashing so they were "bumped" again. Finally at about 10:45 they took Melissa in and got her already and then brought Mike in at 10:56. He said he sat down and was assessing the situation when they pushed a little on Melissa abdomen and the baby literally popped out the incision at 11:03.We went to the hospital early this morning to see her before Reid had to go to work. Mike was a little groggy and Melissa hadn't slept know how hospitals are. They kept waking her up to ask how she was sleeping.

She is just adorable. So perfect and beautiful. A few of the nurses have told them that and Mike said, "Yeah, but you have to say that." Their response, "no really, with others we usually find some feature that is beautiful...nice eyes, cute nose, but she is BEAUTIFUL." And we agree. She is.

One of the pediatricians came in to check her out. Perfect!
She even had her first photo shoot today. The hospital has a photographer on staff and they posed her in all sorts of positions. She slept through almost all of it. The only thing she didn't like was getting her clothes changed and then changed back. They took some great pictures, but we don't get them for a few days. I was able to sneak this one in on my little camera.Mike borrowed our good camera so I don't have the pics from it yet. I took some cute ones with my phone too, but haven't been able to get them transferred yet. More pics and videos soon.

Aimee, Trent and the kids came down last night hoping to stop by the hospital to see the baby. The kids are on spring break and so they are staying with us for a few days. Trent had to go home last night for work this morning, but Aimee and the kids stayed. Unfortunately, there has been an outbreak of measles at one of the area high schools and so the hospital has restricted visitors to those 18 years and older. We found out this morning. The kids were a little up set. Aimee came up at about lunch time to pick me up and see the baby. I stayed with the kids while Aimee went to see the baby. I had the great idea to take the kids to get lunch at the cafeteria. Why don't I remember how hard things are with three kids. Of course since it was lunch time, the place was PACKED, but we got our trays anyway (everyone had to have their own tray). The boys wanted pizza - that was easy -- it was already and we just had to pick a piece. Kaylee wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. While we were waiting for the sandwich everybody wanted a drink. They all wanted pink lemonade punch. I got each of the boys and then a small one for Kaylee. I handed it to her just as our number was called for the grilled cheese sandwich. I turned to get it and when I turned back around. Kaylee was crying and had dropped her drink which splattered all over by the drink station and next to everyone in line trying to pay. About that time this nice lady turned to me and said, "are these your kids." I thought I was going to get some kind of lecture, but no, she smiled and said she had been filling her drink on the other side of the counter and wasn't really watching what she was doing and her drink spilled over the top. Cameron told her, "You should be more careful and watch what you are doing." I guess he said it with a great deal of charm because she thought it was cute and that they were all adorable. About the time the drink on the floor was cleaned up Aimee arrived. We got in line to pay. All went well until Tys picked up his tray at the end of the counter and went his drink onto the floor. The cashier was very nice and said he could get another, both Aimee and I smiled and shook our heads then tried to find a place to sit.

Last night when the kids got to the house we discussed names for the baby. Kaylee's had several (she has now resigned herself that it is not going to be Lucy, her favorite). Her top choices were Aurora and Ariel, "cause then she can be a mermaid." Cameron went with Rudolph, don't ask me why. Tyson has decided not to have an opinion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry Lissa!

Just can't help it... Finally got the ellusive belly picture and had to post it before the baby comes. You look so cute Lissa and FINALLY the like there is a baby in there.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome Spring!

The last three days we have wakened to a gentle snow falling. This is my kind of snow. Beautiful on the trees and grass, but doesn't stick to the roads. I love looking out our big window as the snow comes down.