Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boise Trip

We all (everyone except Jen - we missed you) went to Boise for the weekend. We were quite a group - Linda, Marshall, Malinda, Josh, Jaidyn, Cary, Aimee, Trent, Tyson, Cameron, Kaylee, Melissa, Mike, Lucy, Reid and I all stayed at the same hotel. Brandon, Cari and Bella came to visit and hang out with us. AND, the kids got to go SWIMMING... Trent was very popular with the all the kids, until He took them all underwater.Brandon, Bella and Cari came over to get acquainted and swim before the wedding too.

Mike, Melissa and Lucy went for a walk before coming to the pool...Lucy was a bit puzzled...And shocked by all the noise.
But was happier after getting fed. That afternoon, we all went to Little Linda's wedding. (Yes, we still call her Little Linda so as not to confuse her with my sister Linda or Malinda or her mother Linda or Reid's sister Lynda) (Don't know what we are going to do about Cary and Cari!). It was great meeting Cari and Bella. We need to get together more so that we can get to know them better. It was a warm day and the kids were amazingly good. They kept occupied by using the fans that were at the wedding... And taking pictures...
The girls loved the dance floor...
And the boys resorted to electronic games (glad we had enough phones for all of them).It was great to see some of Cary's old friends. I don't think Linda and I had seen Kolchek and Lindquist for 10 or 11 years. (They still look and act the same).Lucy looked so cute...And had a great time...until...Why is it always Grandpa that is holding one of the kids when they decide to shoot something out of one of their orifices????? It seems like he is ALWAYS the one holding them when they throw up, poop, spit up, etc. Lissa said she was just thinking that Lucy probably needed a change when she saw a fountain "squirting" out and down Reid's lap, hitting his shirt, pants, belt and the chair. It was MUCH WORSE than it looks. We were all laughing so hard that we couldn't even see to take a picture. And Lucy...she was smiling and happy through the whole ordeal.
Cary got a special dance with Linda. I didn't know he was such a good dancer. Way to go Cary!It was a wonderful wedding and Little Linda looked beautiful.