Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends shower March 19, 2011

Yesterday was Melissa's FRIENDS baby shower. We decorated the house with purple and butterfly's. Aimee and I hung purple butterflies and ribbon on the lighted wreath above the table.
The food was wonderful....
Jennifer decorated the cake with fondant butterflies sprinkled with dusting sugar.
Of course we had Lissa's favorite...CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES. Although, I think Kaylee may have eaten more of these than anyone.We also make butterfly mini cupcakes. Ribbon sandwiches was another request of Melissa's. We hadn't made these before, but they were pretty and tasty.Jennifer and Aimee requested dollar sandwiches with meats and cheeses.Melissa's friend Sarah brought a wonderful broccoli salad.Aimee made a relish tray.And that good salad with cranberries and honey roasted nuts.We had a big bowl of fruit....And jelly beans in butterfly dishes.Loralei made darling baby carriage sugar cookies with pink frosting and Mary made apple crisp and a beautiful cake with pink frosting. (Sorry, all of the camera batteries died and I didn't get pictures of those--not very good planning on our part).
We made flower balls for decoration and to hang in the baby's room...And a butterfly mobile that will go in a corner of the babies room.A lot of Melissa's friends were able to come and we had a packed house. (This is one of the reason's I would like to have a large room somewhere in this house, hint, hint...)

Lissa had fun opening the gifts and her friends were so generous...
Kaylee was a big surprise at the shower. She started helping Lissa and giving her gifts to open and then when it was so crowded we started putting opened gifts in the other room. Kaylee stood by Melissa and brought each gift out after it was opened... By the end, I think Kaylee thought Melissa was taking too much time with each gift and she started opening gifts for her...
One of the highlights was the camoflage sleeper that Uncle Cary sent from Cabella's. It has a snap pouch in the back. Mike thought this would be a good blessing outfit....ha, ha, ha!
There were a few things that Melissa seemed a little unsure of... And everything was really cute (Reid and Mike asked how many times "cute" was used during the shower-- who knows, but lots and lots...)
Melissa was only a little freaked out and overwhelmed and only had a few minor panick attacks especially when she would hold a little outfit across her tummy .... I know she was thinking about HOW that little person is going to come out in a few weeks.
And we finally got a belly picture. Not a great one, but still a belly picture. She is still not very big. The baby is breach and she is carrying her high.
It was a fun party and everyone was so wonderful. Many of the girls even remembered Melissa's favorite color and wore purple in her honor. She has such nice friends. We can hardly wait for this baby to come....And notice we are still calling it baby...still no name and NO they don't have a name that they are just not telling...they still don't have a name. Maybe this baby will be able to name herself when she is two....Can we wait that long????? NO!!!!!

Baby shower for Melissa at work

The firm where Melissa works through a baby shower for her on Friday. They were so generous and did such a wonderful job of making her feel special. One of the ladies made a diaper cake for the centerpiece. It was adorable and, of course, had purple ribbon. They also had all kinds of rubber ducky's on the table. One of my favorites was the mama duck in the shower cap with bubbles.
The food was great. There were baked potatoes and a salad bar, a fruit salad, a pasta salad, chips and dip and of course a cake. Everyone contributed. It was very nice.
And a darling cake that had purple on it too. One of the other ladies said it only took them a few hours to know that Lissa loves purple.
They all said that Melissa had to get food first so that everyone else could eat.

They were all very generous. The firm gave her the stroller and carseat that she wanted (of course, it was purple). One of the ladies made a darling blanket that was purple and had butterflies. And so many other things....
Surrounded by all the wonderful gifts.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's everyone. Has the tricky lephrechan visited you yet? He visited my grandkids this morning.

He used all of the toilets in the house....all had GREEN water....he didn't flush.

Walked across all the counters and left GREEN footprints.

And left a message for the kids....They didn't have time yesterday to build a trap to try to catch him and he was a little disappointed. Maybe later today, huh! There was a cute trap on Good Things Utah yesterday. It was made out of an oatmeal box. The box was made to look like a tall irish hat. Then there was a ladder made of sticks that went to the top of the hat. There were gold coins on the top of the hat, but the tricky, trappy part was that the top was a false top and when the leprechan gets to the top, he drops down to the bottom of the hat and is trapped.

Luck of the irish to you all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Guess Trent is never giving up his pictues so I'll have to post mine. And, of course, my camera didn't work after we got into the park on the first day...

The night before, in the motel, the kids were excited. Tyson and Cameron were checking things out electronically... While Kaylee preferred looking at pictures....
The next morning we got a quick breakfast at McDonald's and then it was on to the park...
Standing in line to get in, Cameron got a bit anxious...
Still they all calmed down for one picture.
Once inside, it was time for pics with character. Goofy was the first one we saw...
Then, Mickey... They were so excited that they got to meet Mickey. It was great! One of the first rides we went on was Buzz Lightyear. It was great fun. Later in the day we went on the Haunted Mansion and Cameron said, "I'd like this better if I had a gun". That one was a little scary for him.Another top contender was Space Mountain for the boys. They all went together while the too little, too prego, too much heart condition, and too chicken looked through the stores. Reid bought this picture when they got off 'cause it was so great of all of them. Tyson said it was great. But when Cameron got off he said, "Grandma, I almost died!" He looks like it too.
Cute 3-D glasses. There were a lot of rides that required 3-D glasses and the kids loved them all.
We also went to California Adventure. While the boys went on the scary roller coaster, we rode the many times???...SEVEN and still smiling...
Grandpa's favorite snack at Disneyland...
A fun ride for everyone at Bug's Life...
The ladybug ride...everyone is still happy.
Waiting to go into the Bug's Life show...there were some unexpected things that made us all screech in that theater. Especially at the end when the bugs ran across the back of our seats...
These are the hats the kids chose. They wanted to be wizards. Kaylee is in the background in her princess hat. They REALLY were happy about their choices.
At Pixie Hollow Kaylee got to meet Tinker Bell. Does she look happy? She was so cute with the fairies.
We went on Small World. It was a little too tame and cute for the boys, but Kaylee liked it. By the end Cameron was singing the song. Tyson was a bit disgusted with this one.
At the Princess Faire Kaylee got to meet Aurora. That was what she had said she really wanted to do. When we were standing in line to meet her, Kaylee was jumping up and down and said, "I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy!" It was adorable.
Now, Kaylee knows Aurora too. (In preschool, at show and tell and one of Kaylee's friends brought a picture with Aurora. Kaylee's reaction was an indignant, "How does SHE know her?")
She looks satisfied.
What are you wishing for Jen??????
The boys wore their hats a lot. I think the hat is what got Tyson picked at the Jedi training too.
This trip was loads of fun. It was great to be all together and lots of fun seeing the kids reactions. WHERE ARE WE GOING NEXT FAMILY?