Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends shower March 19, 2011

Yesterday was Melissa's FRIENDS baby shower. We decorated the house with purple and butterfly's. Aimee and I hung purple butterflies and ribbon on the lighted wreath above the table.
The food was wonderful....
Jennifer decorated the cake with fondant butterflies sprinkled with dusting sugar.
Of course we had Lissa's favorite...CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES. Although, I think Kaylee may have eaten more of these than anyone.We also make butterfly mini cupcakes. Ribbon sandwiches was another request of Melissa's. We hadn't made these before, but they were pretty and tasty.Jennifer and Aimee requested dollar sandwiches with meats and cheeses.Melissa's friend Sarah brought a wonderful broccoli salad.Aimee made a relish tray.And that good salad with cranberries and honey roasted nuts.We had a big bowl of fruit....And jelly beans in butterfly dishes.Loralei made darling baby carriage sugar cookies with pink frosting and Mary made apple crisp and a beautiful cake with pink frosting. (Sorry, all of the camera batteries died and I didn't get pictures of those--not very good planning on our part).
We made flower balls for decoration and to hang in the baby's room...And a butterfly mobile that will go in a corner of the babies room.A lot of Melissa's friends were able to come and we had a packed house. (This is one of the reason's I would like to have a large room somewhere in this house, hint, hint...)

Lissa had fun opening the gifts and her friends were so generous...
Kaylee was a big surprise at the shower. She started helping Lissa and giving her gifts to open and then when it was so crowded we started putting opened gifts in the other room. Kaylee stood by Melissa and brought each gift out after it was opened... By the end, I think Kaylee thought Melissa was taking too much time with each gift and she started opening gifts for her...
One of the highlights was the camoflage sleeper that Uncle Cary sent from Cabella's. It has a snap pouch in the back. Mike thought this would be a good blessing outfit....ha, ha, ha!
There were a few things that Melissa seemed a little unsure of... And everything was really cute (Reid and Mike asked how many times "cute" was used during the shower-- who knows, but lots and lots...)
Melissa was only a little freaked out and overwhelmed and only had a few minor panick attacks especially when she would hold a little outfit across her tummy .... I know she was thinking about HOW that little person is going to come out in a few weeks.
And we finally got a belly picture. Not a great one, but still a belly picture. She is still not very big. The baby is breach and she is carrying her high.
It was a fun party and everyone was so wonderful. Many of the girls even remembered Melissa's favorite color and wore purple in her honor. She has such nice friends. We can hardly wait for this baby to come....And notice we are still calling it baby...still no name and NO they don't have a name that they are just not telling...they still don't have a name. Maybe this baby will be able to name herself when she is two....Can we wait that long????? NO!!!!!

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