Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas was great this year. We had everyone on Saturday evening and had a nice dinner. Thanks to my brother, we had a new experience. He sent us a Turducken for Christmas and we cooked it up for Christmas dinner. We added the bacon on top and made it a squealing Turducken. Everyone said it was the best and most moist turkey we have every had. It was fun to cut into and see all the different layers of meat too.
After dinner, it was present time. The kids each got a duffle bag and a stocking with a note in it. Tyson read the note to the other two. It said, "We are going to Disneyland." They were excited. Doesn't this look like the picture for "had just settled down for a long winters nap." I guess they really do love each other. We had a great Christmas and we are looking forward to going to Disneyland in January.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope yours was as good as ours. We finally got to tell the grandkids that we are all going to Disneyland. They were excited to say the least. Aimee got on the Disney site a couple of times while they were here over Christmas to show them some of the attractions. Kaylee's reaction, "I want to go there!" And we are!!!! Yepee

Monday, November 1, 2010

St. George

I am really lucky to be able to work and have great experiences.

This weekend, Reid and I went with Gary to St. George to do some interviews for some of the projects we are working on. We visited with the great granddaughter of the prophet Joseph Smith. She is also the first one of her family to join the church since Joseph and Emma. It was a thrill to be with them and to hear her conversion story and some of the experiences of her life.

We also did an interview with a decendant of the only Mormon on the Titanic. Don's great grandmother was a very special person and had a desire to help others. She went to England to be trained as a midwife even though many of her family opposed her going. When the training was over she took the quickest, "safest" transportation home. She was one of 14 women in 2nd class who did not survive. Her family believes that she chose to stay and help others, which was her nature, and didn't make it to a lifeboat.

I feel very blessed to be able to meet and visit with such wonderful people who have inspiring stories to tell.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I opened my door when the doorbell rang and look what I found...
Our kids are ready for Halloween...Kaylee is a "pretty witch, not a scary witch"...Tyson is a tough ninja...When he is not taking pictures. Cam makes a great Harry Potter He even did some spells for us.
Three kids to get posed at the same time is so hard......

Ready for Halloween

The kids were out of school so they came to visit and we went to a pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.Cameron thought that he found the perfect pumpkin...then....He really found the perfect one.Kaylee found her pumpkin several times and wanted to get them all because they were so small and cute.Tys was the only one that got a big pumpkin.
Kaylee is in dance this year. I got to go and see her at one of her classes. She is so cute. She loves to dance as long as it is structured. She has a hard time with the free style dancing...Except when she gets to dress up like a princess. That's our girl....

Rocket Derby

I got to go to Tyson's rocket derby for scouts. Unfortunately, I used up the battery in my camera at football and didn't get any pics of Tyson or his rocket. I did get a couple of cute pics of the other kids though. Tyson's rocket did great. He was the first one to make it all the way to the end of the track. Way to go Tyson. (His rocket looked great too)

Tyson's in Football

Tyson is playing flag football this year. Tyson is pretty good at hiking the ball.Cam and Kay like to play on the playground during the game.I had a great time going to his game. It is always fun to see the grandkids.

Catchng Up

Linda, Marshall, Malinda, Josh and Jaiden came to visit this summer. It was great to see them and meet Jaiden for the first time. It was really fun to get all the cute cousins together. They had a great time and made friends with each other. We all went out to dinner at a Brazilian restaurant.Josh and Cameron liked(?) the lemons.
The guys all went to play golf during the day and all the girls went to get pampered. We all got pedicures.
We had a dinner at Aimee and Trent's but on the way down we met at the splash pad so the kids could have some fun together and cool off.
Tyson always has more fun taking pictures and video. Josh found a plastic bag and filled it with water to try and help us cool off too.
The kids had a good time in the water. Of course, what is more fun than kids and water?
Then we went for dinner and more fun in the backyard. It got a little dark, but we took a few pictures anyway. The kids had fun running and playing football.
It was great to see everyone and now they have decided to move here. We can hardly wait. It will be just like when we were kids and had some of our cousins close by.