Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catchng Up

Linda, Marshall, Malinda, Josh and Jaiden came to visit this summer. It was great to see them and meet Jaiden for the first time. It was really fun to get all the cute cousins together. They had a great time and made friends with each other. We all went out to dinner at a Brazilian restaurant.Josh and Cameron liked(?) the lemons.
The guys all went to play golf during the day and all the girls went to get pampered. We all got pedicures.
We had a dinner at Aimee and Trent's but on the way down we met at the splash pad so the kids could have some fun together and cool off.
Tyson always has more fun taking pictures and video. Josh found a plastic bag and filled it with water to try and help us cool off too.
The kids had a good time in the water. Of course, what is more fun than kids and water?
Then we went for dinner and more fun in the backyard. It got a little dark, but we took a few pictures anyway. The kids had fun running and playing football.
It was great to see everyone and now they have decided to move here. We can hardly wait. It will be just like when we were kids and had some of our cousins close by.

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