Monday, November 1, 2010

St. George

I am really lucky to be able to work and have great experiences.

This weekend, Reid and I went with Gary to St. George to do some interviews for some of the projects we are working on. We visited with the great granddaughter of the prophet Joseph Smith. She is also the first one of her family to join the church since Joseph and Emma. It was a thrill to be with them and to hear her conversion story and some of the experiences of her life.

We also did an interview with a decendant of the only Mormon on the Titanic. Don's great grandmother was a very special person and had a desire to help others. She went to England to be trained as a midwife even though many of her family opposed her going. When the training was over she took the quickest, "safest" transportation home. She was one of 14 women in 2nd class who did not survive. Her family believes that she chose to stay and help others, which was her nature, and didn't make it to a lifeboat.

I feel very blessed to be able to meet and visit with such wonderful people who have inspiring stories to tell.

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