Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have the cutest grandkids. This year, I got to go to the Halloween parade at the boy's school. Cameron was surprised to see me.

He and Tys were "Tron" warriors. They looked great.

We missed seeing Josh. His class went by but there weren't very many kids and we didn't recognize him with his mask on.

The kids brought their costumes over one Sunday before Halloween so that we could see them and take some pics...We also went to Gardener Village on a Saturday in October. There were way too many people. We will have to pick a different day next year.

Still...they were all so cute. Kaylee was a purple princess.

Cam was a very menacing Tron.Lucy just loves to give kisses to the other kids. She malls them whenever she see them. They love her lots too.Kaylee makes such a pretty princess.

We put Lucy in her Halloween clothes at Gardener Village too. She is a cute witch... But she was really a ladybug for Halloween.What a happy girl.