Monday, December 29, 2008

Robinson Family Party

Aimee and Trent hosted the family party last Saturday. It was great to see everyone. Reid and I were there along with Melissa and Mike. Jennifer came a little later. Janet came with Becky and her kids and Emily and Ryan and their kids were here from Pennsylvania.

Mary popped in for a moment with baby Samuel. Karen and Jim were there with Mandy, Brynne, and Lana (who just became engaged to Sean...brave girl to come and meet the family without Sean there). Nicole and Shane and their kids came from Idaho Falls. Rachel, Greg and Braydon were the first to arrive followed closely by Chris and Maria. It was great to see them and hear about their missionary.

Tom, Alane and Erika were there with Caitlin and Zach. Also, Steve, Jordan and Piper and John Day. We missed Erin.

The kids stayed down in the playroom and had a great time running around. We could tell because when they did come up to eat everyone had rosy cheeks and beads of sweat.

I wish we had taken more pictures. We figured there were 32 adults and 12 children. There was a house full. Quite a group.


Mark Dixon said...


It was great to receive your comment on our blog! Blogging has become a family adventure at our house. We are delighted to connect with you this way.

Please give my best to Reid. We will definitely let you know when we come to Salt Lake City next. We manage to visit about once a year.

When it is really gloomy and depressing in Utah in late January or February, please come see us in Arizona!


Candee Robinson said...

You can't believe how gloomy and how depressing it has been! Like living in a smoke-filled room! We live at the base of the mountain, and can't even see it!