Monday, September 7, 2009


Tys and Cam are both playing soccer this year. Last week, Reid and I went to watch. Tyson got to play goalie and had a couple of great saves. He is still a little more interested in the sky than watching the ball, but he is getting better. Here he is at Cameron's game playing with the Spiderman magnetic puzzle I got him.
Four-year-old soccer is hilarious. We laughed and laughed. They play 4 at a time on each team and all eight players run after the ball and it is just like watching dominos. They fall all over each other.
About half way through the game, someone knocked Cam down and then he got an idea. Each time his team had the ball, he would huddle up with them and with his arms around their shoulders he would tell them his "plan". Then when the ball was in play, again all the players started running after the ball, but Cameron stayed a little behind and with an Indian war cry he would tackle each player from the other team that he came across. At the end of the game I said to him, "Cameron, you are not supposed to knock the other players down. That is against the rules." His response, "but Grandma, that was the plan. I knock those guys down and then my team kicks the ball." I think his parents have him in the wrong sport!

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