Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tyson is Eight

Tyson's birthday party was Saturday. It was a camping party. They set up a tent in the basement and we were going to roast marshmellows and make s'mores, but the weather didn't cooperate--it snowed most of Saturday and part of the day today. Here is the cake that Aimee made. It is a campfire--very cute. The flames are fruit leather, she found chocolate rock candy and the large white coals are powdered sugar donut holes.
The kids got to make their own trail mix and take home s'more kits to do when the weather is better or at home.
They had hotdogs, chips, grapes and apple juice for lunch.
Kaylee's flowers were almost as big as her head. When Lissa and Mike came, Lissa asked if Kaylee was going for the Princess Leia look? Well,...maybe.

They got to eat on a blanket on the floor...almost like camping out.

This is the pile on Trent game...
They even fished off the balcony.

It was a fun party. Our Tys is getting so big.

Family Pics

In September we had some family pictures taken. Some turned our pretty good...

Palmyra Trip

Fall in the East. Could it get any better? Or more beautiful? Twenty-two people from our ward took a trip to Palmyra this fall and Reid and I got to go.Here we are at the Whitmer Farm in front of one of the many beautiful trees. One of the many places that we got to see was Alvin's gravesite. There was this great tree that looked a lot like the tree on Temple Square that we had a picture taken at when we got married --so we tried it again.
One day, we all got to go to the Palmyra temple. It is beautiful and all of the windows are stained glass and look like the sacred grove. It was great.
The temple also overlooks the Sacred Grove.
The Joseph Smith farm house is, of course, right next to the Sacred Grove.

Here we are on the staircase at the Palmyra Inn. We got to see so much in the week that we were there that we were all a little was a great trip.
We also got to go to Kirtland and see all the sites there. Our group had two cute sister missionaries that took us all over.
We also went to the Grandin Building to see where the Book of Mormon was first printed.The Whitmer Farm was the location of the organization of the church.
Niagara Falls was a beautiful place. We rode on the Maid of the Mist and got really close to the Falls. It was sooooo windy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beautiful Park

We found a great park to take pictures. We were the only ones there to begin with, but by the time we were ready to leave at least 10 other groups had come to take pictures. I guess everyone already knows it is a great place.

We have such adorable kids.

Lauren's baptism

We were so excited to be able to attend Lauren's baptism. We are so proud her and were happy to be able to be there. Tyson turns eight this week and it was great for him to be able to go to a baptism. We have quite a group of boys all about the same age and it was fun for them to get to know each other again. It was especially good to see Ryan and Emily and their kids now that they have moved back to Utah.

Reid and Steve, remember when you were those cute little boys....
Anna is the newest addition to our growing family. She is beautiful.
More than anything, it is fun to run. Whether out in the parking lot...
Or in the cultural hall...