Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tyson is Eight

Tyson's birthday party was Saturday. It was a camping party. They set up a tent in the basement and we were going to roast marshmellows and make s'mores, but the weather didn't cooperate--it snowed most of Saturday and part of the day today. Here is the cake that Aimee made. It is a campfire--very cute. The flames are fruit leather, she found chocolate rock candy and the large white coals are powdered sugar donut holes.
The kids got to make their own trail mix and take home s'more kits to do when the weather is better or at home.
They had hotdogs, chips, grapes and apple juice for lunch.
Kaylee's flowers were almost as big as her head. When Lissa and Mike came, Lissa asked if Kaylee was going for the Princess Leia look? Well,...maybe.

They got to eat on a blanket on the floor...almost like camping out.

This is the pile on Trent game...
They even fished off the balcony.

It was a fun party. Our Tys is getting so big.

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