Friday, January 22, 2010

Tyson's Baptism

I know I haven't updated in a while so this morning I decided to take the time.
We had a very important day on December 5, 2009, Tyson got baptized. He was so cute that day. He tried very had to be calm, but couldn't stop grinning on his special day.
Grandpa kept all the kids busy while we waited for Tys and Trent to change clothes. They really got into the slap hand game with him.

Trent baptized and confirmed Tys a member of the church. He was thrilled and Tyson was so excited.
Kaylee was patient most of the time. She had lots of friends there. A lot of friends and family came to support Tyson.
As you can see everyone was excited.
It was a special day and I am glad we got to share it with Tyson. Mike and Melissa gave him a hymnbook and we gave him a set of scriptures with his name engraved on them. He couldn't believe it and went around showing everyone that he had two books with his name on them.. Aimee and Trent had everyone over afterward. It was fun to be together with both sides of the family.

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Mike & Melissa said...

YAY for Tys! And yay for the yummy meatballs and rice he wanted that day.