Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cameron is Five!

Our Cameron is five. Do you believe it? He is getting so big...and still such a funny kid.
Aimee forgot the "only invite as many kids as the age of the birthday child" rule. It was like a school class. There were so many five year-olds,
It was an animal party. Everyone brought their favorite stuffed animal. Then they played hide and seek with them. Trent hid them and each kid had to find their own. They were scary animals.

Aimee had a pinata and all the kids waited patiently for their turn to try to break the pinata.
Cam was the first to try...
Aimee made a cute doggy cake for Cameron. She is so creative.

Grandma gave Cameron is birthday kiss in front of all his friends. He didn't mind.
All those kids and they were so patient waiting for their cake and ice cream...

With so many kids there were lots of presents. It was almost like Christmas all over again...
Cameron got just what he wanted from his Mom and Dad...
What an adorable kid.
After the presents were opened and everyone was waiting for their parents to pick them up, someone had a great idea to play hit Aunt Lissa with the balloons...

Everyone decided to help get her...

Lissa had loads of fun...
It was a great party and Cameron really is a great kid. We love him lots.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

It was our fairy tree year again. Kaylee turned two this year and we usually do a gingerbread tree when someone is two. When Aimee was two we didn't have much money and decided to make gingerbread cookies for our tree. She was so cute and ate all of the legs off all the gingerbread boys that she could reach. We got a cute picture and have done the same for each of the kids when they turned two. This year I found a fairy cookie cutter and so we decided to do fairy cookies for Kaylee since she loves tinkerbell. It was cute and Kay and Cam had a great time eating all of the legs and a few wings. Tys wasn't into it.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone was able to come and stay over on Christmas eve. As usual, Santa flew over and dropped a big bag with a highway flare and a note letting everyone know that he had gone over once and couldn't stop by until all the kids were asleep. In the big bag were new pajamas for everyone. The kids looked great and were so cute in their pj's.

The next morning when the kids woke up, Santa had come. Cameron got the dog that he wanted.
Melissa had fun opening her stocking...
And so did Reid.... All the big boys got bacon flavored toothpicks in there stockings.
Kaylee went right to Mike to help her open her stocking...
Tys was all smiles when he realized that Santa had brought him a bike.
It was great to have everyone here on Christmas eve and then all day for Christmas. We had a wonderful day being together.

Tyson's Baptism

I know I haven't updated in a while so this morning I decided to take the time.
We had a very important day on December 5, 2009, Tyson got baptized. He was so cute that day. He tried very had to be calm, but couldn't stop grinning on his special day.
Grandpa kept all the kids busy while we waited for Tys and Trent to change clothes. They really got into the slap hand game with him.

Trent baptized and confirmed Tys a member of the church. He was thrilled and Tyson was so excited.
Kaylee was patient most of the time. She had lots of friends there. A lot of friends and family came to support Tyson.
As you can see everyone was excited.
It was a special day and I am glad we got to share it with Tyson. Mike and Melissa gave him a hymnbook and we gave him a set of scriptures with his name engraved on them. He couldn't believe it and went around showing everyone that he had two books with his name on them.. Aimee and Trent had everyone over afterward. It was fun to be together with both sides of the family.