Monday, August 9, 2010

Kaylee is THREE

Yes, KAYLEE is THREE. Today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE! Aimee and Trent had a birthday party for her on Satuday. It was a beach party. Fun huh! And in Utah in August you wouldn't think there would be a problem with weather. We went a little early to help put up decorations and the sun was out and it was great. The kids were in their swimming suits and everything was ready. Just as the doorbell rang and the guests started to arrive...guess started sprinkling. Kaylee who had hopped in the pool with both of her brothers before the party started, greeted her guest shivering....They played all kinds of games...decorate your beach ball...find the candy under the seashells...a relay running back and forth with water...Until Kaylee decided she had run enough and carried the big shell over and dumped all the water in...They did another relay and put all the leis on Trent...and, of course the pool was ready...and the sprinklers. With all the running the kids seemed to stay warm enough.
Finally we went in...everyone got sunglasses for winning the games. Kaylee opened presents...Kaylee gave big thank you hugs...Then it was time for the cake. Aimee made a darling sandcastle cake...each of the kids got a cone turret and ice cream...It was a fun party (even with a little rain) and guess what Kaylee was turning 3 and only had 5 guests that were her age. Aimee is getting closer to the "only invite as many kids as the age your child is turning" rule.

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