Monday, August 9, 2010

Hooray the tams are gone!

The original owners of our house put tams all across the front, under the trees. They also put wonderful big rocks that have been covered up by the tams. We had finally had enough of the tams and decided to tear them out. A couple of months ago, Reid and Mike started taking them out with a chain on the back bumper of Mike's car. Our neighbor came over and said, "why didn't you say you wanted these out? I can come and take them out in 5 minutes next time by _____(whatever kind of machine this is called) is here." So, Friday he came over. It was great! One big scoop and 1/3 of the tams were gone.
The next big scoop and another good portion was taken out.
The next big scoop and ... oops! We hit the water pipe.
Reid got the water off and a couple more scoops.....
All the tams are out...YEAH!!!!


Nicole said...

ooh very nice!

Mike & Melissa said...

I didn't even notice yesterday. How self-involved am I?