Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yellowstone Weekend

Last weekend Mike and Melissa invited us to go to Island Park with them and stay in Mike's sisters cabin. It was great to get away! We drove up together in Reid's truck and Mike drove most of the time 'cause he wanted Reid to totally relax and see the sights. We went to Yellowstone the first day we were there. We saw antelope - didn't get a picture 'cause we didn't stop. I couldn't believe how close people were getting to the WILD animals. They were out of their cars and walking right up to them. We saw Old Faithful - I must say it didn't go as high in the air as I thought it would - still, lots of people there and it was fun to see. The Old Faithful Inn was interesting. Lots of logs...
At the fishing bridge, there was a buffalo that wanted to cross the river. He went in and started across then when it got too deep he went back. He stood at the edge of the water the whole time we were there and would step into the water and then out. He just couldn't decide what to do.We also went to see the mud pots. Kind of a stinky place! Black Dragon Cauldron Sizzling Basin was next. Kind of creepy. As we were driving to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and falls, we got stopped by a traffic jam. We couldn't figure out what was going on. At first we thought it was an accident, but then we saw lots of buffalo on the hillside. The traffic jam was due to buffalo crossing the road. When we got closer we saw a couple of them fighting. Then they came speedily down a hill right next to the road and us, crossed and began fighting again on the other side of our car. Reid stood up in the sunroof and took pictures of them. After a little tussle they stopped and looked at us. It was exciting. Then we went to Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. The next day the guys went fishing -- no luck.
That night we went to a play that was a spoof of Robin Hood. It was kinda cute.
The next day we went to Big Spring and saw John Sack's cabin.He was an immigrant from Germany that was 4'11" and built a cabin and water wheel for electricity. His cabin was interesting in the way that he treated the logs. All of them had some bark left on. He used a special treatment that preserved the bark. It was a pretty place. It was a great weekend. We relaxed, saw lots of sights, played games and it seemed like we were eating all the time.


Mike & Melissa said...

Why didn't you tell me my hair was crazy at Old Faithful?!

Aim Aug said...

So pretty. Glad you had a good time. We missed you!