Friday, July 2, 2010

San Francisco

Reid went to San Francisco on business last Tuesday and I was supposed to fly out and meet him on Thursday. I got to the airport and through the long line at security (although I didn't realize that the liquid also meant lotions and I just bought new ones for the trip... all confiscated) and to the gate...gate change at the other end of the airport...went to the new gate. Flight delayed due to fog in San Francisco...then after 3 hours of waiting...flight cancelled. The good news, I got the last first class seat for the next morning. Jennifer was at the temple with friends so I called Mike and Melissa and they were great to come and get me. Jen was surprised when she got home and there I was. The next morning we got up early and out to the airport again. I must say first class is nice, but how many times in a one and 1/2 hour flight can they ask you if you want something to drink? Took the BART from the airport...quite an experience and met up with Reid. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. It was very nice.

We started right off and went to Market Street. Reid had forgotten that we went there a couple of years ago on a Choir trip. There was a great bakery there. Loved the cream layer cake.

Next it was off to Fishermans Wharf and we hopped on a boat around the Bay. We were kind of disappointed that we had gotten the wrong tickets and didn't get to get off and explore the Alcatraz island. (I know, Mike thought that they might keep us if we got to the actual cells). We spent the rest of the evening walking around the wharf. Then, there were so many many people that all the buses and trolleys going back to the hotel were full so we walked.

The next morning we decided to go to Sears for breakfast ... great breakfast place kind of by Union Square. We started walking and about 1/2 a block up there was a trolley stopped. Reid talked to the driver and we bought day passes for trolley's and buses but they weren't leaving for a while so we walked. Reid had the map and a small electronic GPS. There is a reason that San Franciscans don't's all up hill and even with both map and GPS we got lost and of course on the steepest streets. When we finally found Sears there was a long line. Reid wanted to go somewhere else...after that climb, I didn't care...we waited and went to Sears...great swedish pancakes. We went to Union Square and then hopped an open air bus for a tour of the city and then a transfer to another bus to go on the Golden Gate Bridge (which we couldn't really see even though we were on it...too much fog and it was really cold) and across to Sausilito. Somewhere along the way, Reid lost his hat. So when we went back across the bridge...still cold and foggy...

and we walked back to the Wharf and tried to get on a bus, but they were all full again. (buying that all day ride pass seemed to be everyone elses idea too). We finally got on a trolley and made it back to the hotel. There was a note under our door about the "Gay Pride Parade" which was to be right outside our hotel the next morning...we were thrilled...ha ha!

The next morning we heard and then watched the start of the parade from our 10th story window...then we braced for the adventure and headed out.... It was quite a sight...we have led a sheltered life which I am grateful for...we took the trolley to Chinatown. We had a great lunch and went in and out of a lot of shops.

Then we headed back to the airport on the BART... another adventure since the parade had finished and it was full...there are a lot of people who have led very different lives...I am glad for mine. We got to the airport in record time and amazingly... no lines. We were a couple of hours early, but the earlier flight was full so we walked around and read our books...I must say, the San Francisco airport is not as nice as the SLC airport and there is not much to do there.

It was fun to get away. It was fun to see new places. It is great to be home.

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Aim Aug said...

So glad you're back. Can't wait to see you guys tonight!