Friday, July 2, 2010

Poor Reid!

Well, Reid has now faced the awful kidney stones... Two weeks ago he was feeling pretty lousy and called the Doctor on Monday thinking it was something else and asked for a prescription which the Doctor gave him. Antibiotic and pain killer didn't help... by Wednesday morning he was in serious pain. He called the Doctor again and they made an appointment for the afternoon. By 10 a.m. he was in such agony that I took him to the emergency room. By about 10:30 they had given him his first relief with a bit of moriphine...but it didn't last long and about 20 minutes later he was in agony again...more moriphine and and CAT scan...guess what...kidney stones. And not just kidney stones, but MONSTER kidney stones about 1/4 inch in diameter. So, they called the Dr. (same one that Reid had been calling) and at about 3:30 they took him in to have the things blasted with a lazer. They also had to put a stent in because of all the swelling. He stayed home the rest of the week, but the next Tuesday he was supposed to go to San Francisco for a business trip. So on Monday we went back to the Dr. and he took the stent out. Finally some relief. Off Reid went on Tuesday to San Francisco for his meetings. It was quite an ordeal, but we have decided one thing...moriphine is okay, but delaudin is great!

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