Monday, June 6, 2011

Lucy's blessing

Mike and Melissa blessed Lucy at church on Sunday, June 5, 2011. It was wonderful. Mike gave a beautiful blessing and I am told that during the blessing Lucy looked up at him and gurgled and cooed. She is a beautiful, sweet, and such a good baby. It was a blustery day at the park after the blessing. We just about got blown away...Lucy looked so pretty in her fancy dress. I made it for her and it turned out well and fit just fine.After the blessing we went to a park near Mike and Melissa's house for lunch. Mike, Reid, and Trent cooked up hotdogs and bratz and Mike's family brought lots of great salads, chips and buns. We brought desserts, condiments and fruit. We had a lot of family there from both sides...And a bunch of Melissa and Mike's friends.It was nice seeing and visiting with everyone again. Lucy, of course, got passed around a lot and was so good. She has such a sweet disposition. Jennifer took a few pictures. of those that were there having a good time....Lucy was the star of the show and was so cute in her green dress too.

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Aim Aug said...

Cute pics. Especially the ones of my kids! Kaylee says, "Oooo, Baby Lucy looks pretty!"