Saturday, August 27, 2011

First day of school 2011

It was the first day of school for the kids on Tuesday. They were all set. New clothes, cute backpacks... I asked Tyson what his favorite thing was and he started in on recess, lunch, seeing all his friends. Finally got to "I like my teacher," but nothing actually about school. He is in 4th grade.

The first thing that Cameron said was, "my teacher's really cool."Josh said, "I like my teacher but I can tell if you make her mad you will be in real trouble."Kaylee's favorite thing about the first day of 4 year-old preschool was the "a, b, c's song." Jaidyn doesn't start her preschool until after labor day, but she is excited to go and everyday wants to know if she can go to school too.

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