Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can You Believe It! Cameron is Seven.

Our cute Cameron is SEVEN. How time flies. I remember when he was the darling, happy, puggy baby. And it was not so long ago. They grow up way too fast. Cameron wanted an "Angry Birds" party and Aimee, as usual, went all out. As a gathering activity they all colored pictures of "Angry Birds."

Then they made bird seed (trail mix) with all kinds of great snacks.

The cake was fabulous. Aimee is really creative and always comes up with great ideas for the kids cakes. This one was so cute with the angry birds and pigs.

Cameron could hardly wait to blow out the candles and make a wish as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Then it was cake and ice cream for everyone...He gots lots of great presents from all his friends.Including a red and a black angry bird family....

One of the games that the kids played was to crack the golden egg. Each had a yellow or orange balloon tied around their ankle and they went out in the yard and tried to pop balloons. Each of the kids also decorated their own, favorite angry bird helium balloon to take home. It was a wonderful party and everyone had a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!!!!!

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