Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New City Councilman

It is official. Trent was sworn in last night as a new city councilmember in Cedar Hills. The ceremony was short and sweet. Each one of the new members came forward and was sworn in.

Then it was photo-op time. Here are the new councilmembers. Gary Gygi, Jenny Rees, and Trent Augustus.Then a picture with the current council and the new members. This is the new council for Cedar Hills.Of course, it was hard to decide who Trent Augustus was. Is this Trent?

Or this?

Everyone had to try out Trent's new seat. Who do you think looks the most comfortable? Then, the part that the kids liked best...refreshments. And looking at the new Lego magazine. Hummmmm, I wonder if the council checked it out too as their first act of business.

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