Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tyson is Ten!

Where has the time gone? Tyson is ten years old. Reid and I took he, Cameron and Kaylee out for a day of fun for his birthday. We went to the Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch.Then to Boondocks to ride the go carts. Reid and Kaylee got right on, but Tyson and Cameron had to wait in line.Reid and Kaylee had a fun ride and got off long before the boys got to ride. They had a long wait in line Finally it was their turn...Tyson jumped right into the lead car.

with Cameron right behind.Off they went. Tyson was confident and Cameron a little more timid. This was his first time riding alone and he wasn't quite sure how to work the brakes and excellerator. But he caught on pretty fast. He really liked driving down the middle of the lane so that no one could pass him.

Next we went inside to do some games.Add Image

We all had a great time. This may be a new tradition. It was a lot of fun to take just the kids.

Our cute grandson is getting so big. Ten, I still can't believe it....

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Mike & Melissa said...

That bruise on Kaylee's forehead is lovely.