Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kaylee's Dance Recital

Each year, Kaylee's dance teacher has a recital as a practice for the big recital in the spring at Christmas time in the studio. Lucy and I got to go with Aimee this year. Kaylee looked beautiful in her dance costume. Although this isn't Kaylee's favorite. (too itchy)The studio was decorated with balloons, tulle and Christmas lights. All the girls warmed up and then... They got to dress up like princesses and dance around the room. Their featured dance was to "I wanna hippopotumus for Christmas." It was very cute. After their dance, they each had a moment in the spotlight. Lucy loved it and couldn't wait to hug Kaylee. Kaylee and her dance friends.... And her cute teacher.
Kaylee loves to dance and is so good. I think she is still the smallest in her class, but she is great.

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