Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas. All of the kids came over on Christmas eve and stayed over. At about 8:30 we got a big red bag with a highway flare attached and and note in the backyard. The note said:

"Dear Tyson, Cameron, Kaylee, and Lucy,
I’m getting tired of flying circles around your house waiting for you to go to bed.
If you don’t get to bed right away I’m skipping you this year and moving on to all the other children in the world.
I’m waiting 10 minutes more and if you’re not in bed then maybe I’ll move on to the next neighborhood.

Inside the bag were new pj's for everyone. They hurried and put on their pajamas and we read the night before Christmas. Then it was off to bed.

We had a few grandkids that were sceptical about Santa's existence so he left them a little surprise. Santa had his helper elf take a picture of him in front of our Christmas tree as proof.

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