Thursday, December 1, 2011

Festival of Trees

One of our family Christmas traditions is attending the Festival of Trees. We love to look at all of the creative trees and get new ideas for our own Christmas decorating. And I especially love that all that we spend goes to Primary Children's Hospital.One of the first things that we did was visit Santa...Lucy was a little unsure about sitting on his lap...All of the kids got a chance to let Santa know what they would like to have this year. There was a few surprises for Aimee. Next, we went to the Kid's Corner. There were lots of things that the older kids wanted to do. Cameron and Tyson made and decorated wallets while Kaylee got her fingernails painted.

Then Tyson became a giant bubble. It was pretty cool. If you blow just right, a big bubble forms and floats away or it just might "POP"...

Lucy was a bit small to do any of the activities, but she was happy to be out of the stroller.Tyson made a caterpillar for Lucy. It was pink and furry and very cute. Cam and Kaylee made reindeer hats. We kinda wished that we had gotten their hats before we visited Santa. They would have been cute in their picture.

That Lucy, she is such a happy baby. Even when we put her back in the stroller she was long as we were playing with her.

Kaylee in her reindeer hat... And cute Cameron in his....

Tys didn't want to make a hat, but liked the activities in the Kid's Corner. We finally talked the kids into looking at some of the trees. We went to the gingerbread houses first. This "Tangled Treehouse" was the best.

Washington D. C. was pretty impressive too. How come our gingerbread houses don't turn out like this??????? One of the trees that we liked was the "Barbie" tree. Made of all Barbie's in boxes, most of them vintage.

There were a lot of beautiful quilts, but my favorite was this Christmas Quilt.

I loved the colors in this tree and all of the decorations too. The wreath that matched the tree was beautiful.

This was another favorite.

I liked this tree with the wheelbarrow of presents toppling over. And I loved the colors. This tree was so elegant. It was all white although you can't tell from the picture. There is a little decorated arch on the side with a crystal chandallier hanging in the middle. One of the kids favorites was the "Up" tree from the movie. So cute!

Another tree that the boys liked was the "Snoopy" tree. It was covered with Snoopy's and Woodstock's and there was a large house with a huge Snoopy laying on top. I guess I missed getting a picture. Oops.

Tyson seemed to like the "Harley" tree. He especially thought his neighbors would like it. This was definately the most unusual tree this year. It is made of tires. Way to recycle... Lissa's favorite...she really wants to get that "U" for the top of her tree. It had lights and flashed off and on. The boys, of course, loved the "Lego" tree. This picture shows some of the lego's that go with the tree. Hey, why not get the tree up early next year and do a fall tree. We all loved this one. Kaylee and Lissa liked this. Lissa is thinking about putting a little teal in her purple tree. Very pretty.We made it though everything and then the kids went back to the "Kid's Corner". There is always some complaining about all the walking around. All except Kaylee she loved looking at everything, the boys not so much. Still a fun time. The cinnamon rolls and scones were great too.

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