Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tyson's 4th Grade Program

Tyson's class program was Tuesday night. They were all dressed in costumes. Tyson's class were pioneers. Others were railroad workers, skiers, Indians, Ute fans, BYU fans. They sang great and the choreography was wonderful too.

We sat back pretty far so, before the program started I got a little closer to get a pic of Tyson. He is in the blue shirt with the red neckerchief tipping his hat. What a cutie!
Cameron saw the program during school time so he was more interested in playing games on his mom's phone. Although, I did catch him singing along on several songs.
Tyson has the pose down. I took several pics and they were all the same pose and smile.
What cute kids we have. We are so lucky.
I still can't get the Utah song out of my head. It was great!

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