Saturday, June 30, 2012

Princess Festival

We went to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.  Kaylee was so excited, Lucy was a little less than enthusiastic.
Kaylee and Jaidyn liked posing in the princess carriage and
riding on the horses.  We even rode in a real carriage pulled by two real horses.  Jaidyn was thrilled with that.
  The girls made princess crowns.  I think Kaylee is trying to "help" Jaidyn.
The girls got their picture taken with lots of princesses and each time a princess would come to say "hi" they would say, "Hello, Princess Kaylee" or "Princess Jaidyn" or "Princess Lucy." (Each girl had a princess badge with their name on it)
This was as close as Lucy would get to Ariel.
The girls danced with the Osmond Girls as they performed.
Lucy just wasn't thrilled.
 They got their nails done.  They thought that was fun. Lucy looked on.

  Lucy got out of the stroller several times to walk (or run around) but wouldn't get close to the princesses.
Kaylee and Jaidyn loves dancing and playing games with the twelve dancing princesses.
And dancing along behind the twelve princesses.
Lucy was okay to watch the girls make their crowns with Aunt Linda nearby.
 Then she was done and wanted to take off her dress.
All in all it was a fun time for the girls.  One the way home I asked Kaylee what she liked best thinking that she would say dancing with the twelve dancing princesses, but no.  Her favorite part was "being a REAL princess."

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